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A Personal Story

I’d like to help you and your team for that same reason. If I can help folks avoid the mistakes I’ve made, or seen others do, that makes my day.

With this mindset, and 15 years in roles of growing responsibility, we can offer you support and leadership in clinical supplies:


  • Numerous presentations delivered, internationally, relating to clinical supplies on:



  • Multi-language labeling

  • Packaging operations

  • Supply chain automation

  • Project management

  • Training

  • GCP/GMP expertise

  • Investigational Drug Service (IDS) group improvement

  • Teamwork/team building

  • Cultural challenges with global CS collaboration, coaching and delivery

  • Planning and forecasting

  • Temperature controlled packaging and distribution

  • Management and leadership


  • Experience starting as a clinical supplies associate, promoted to manager of a Japanese pharmaceutical company, climbing to head of US operations for J&J


  • Further experience as president of a startup clinical supplies contracting company of over 100 people

When I was a kid, my older sister Natalie got in trouble with her friends due to something my oldest sister Mindi had said to them. Natalie was distraught because her friends stopped talking to her.  When I saw her in distress, I was motivated to go talk with her friends to see if I could fix things. Here I was a year younger talking to her older friends and apologizing for what my sister Mindi had said to them. I explained why it had happened (Mindi thought they were making fun of her instead of just kidding around with her) and telling them that Natalie was heartbroken because they weren’t talking with her. They listened to me and by the end of the day Natalie came home and thanked me for whatever I did as they were once again talking and good friends.

I was 11 years old when that happened (this picture is a little earlier than that). The need to help others, in whatever way I can, has grown exponentially in me since that day.

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