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Training and Mentoring and Coaching: building a culture of compliance


Building the right culture can be just as important as solving individual problems. We have an energizing and effective approach to training that engages audiences and builds enthusiasm for critical quality and regulatory processes that last well beyond the actual training period. Our mentoring/coaching of c-suite executives helps to build a culture of support for supply chain excellence and break down silos within companies or across the globe. What separates us is the storytelling. We have a myriad of examples, based upon our experiences, that make for memorable content that people can relate to their own situations.


Knowledge Forums: the latest and greatest


GBS organizes and presents bi-coastal knowledge forums where we bring together thought leaders, SMEs, and industry veterans to discuss the latest real-world issues. CRISP in California and NECSO in Boston provide supply chain professionals with the latest information they need as well as an opportunity to network with peers in the industry. By providing solutions to current issues we are always at the forefront of quality and regulatory knowledge.


Personal Development Training​

Our Corporate/Individual training courses cover the following subjects:

  • Leadership and management (2 hours to 4 days)


  • Emotionally intelligent leaders and workplaces (2-4 hours)​...


A Guide to Success for Technical Managers

Supervisory Skills for the Technical Manager: A Guide to Success focuses exclusively on the dynamics of being a technical manager such as...


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