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Personal Development Training​

“My hope was that organizations would start including this range of skills in their training programs - in other words, offer an adult education in social and emotional intelligence.”

                                                                     -Daniel Goleman

Our Corporate/Individual training courses cover the following subjects:


  • Leadership and management (2 hours to 4 days)


  • Emotionally intelligent leaders and workplaces (2-4 hours)


  • Leadership style flexing in the changing workplace (1-2 hours)


  • Communication challenges, pitfalls and solutions (1-4 hours)


  • Change management (2 hours to 1.5 days)


  • Collaboration and teamwork (1 hour to 1 day)


  • Global team-building, teamwork and cultural challenges (2 hours to 2 days)


  • Virtual teams and overcoming delays and failures due to proximity (2 hours)


  • Creating high performing teams (2 hours to 1 day)


  • Innovation and creativity in the workplace and how to foster it (2 hours to 2 days)


  • Motivating your people (2 hours)


  • Developing a winning team/workplace culture (1 to 2 hours)


  • Negotiation skills (1 hour to 1 day)


  • Interview skills (1 to 4 hours)


  • Project management (4 hours to 4 days)


  • Sales Training (2 hours to 2 days)


  • Managing your career (2 hours to 4 hours)

  • Building a quality culture

Let us put together a training quote for you for either remote training or in-house training.​

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