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“I don't think anyone is ever writing so that you can throw it away. You're always writing it to be something. Later, you decide whether it'll ever see the light of day. But at the moment of its writing, it's always meant to be something. So, to me, there's no practicing; there's only editing and publishing or not publishing.”

                                                                                                       -Steve Martin

A Guide to Success for Technical Managers

Supervisory Skills for the Technical Manager: A Guide to Success focuses exclusively on the dynamics of being a technical manager such as a scientist, programmer, or engineer. An R&D environment demands modified management techniques and this book explores how to do so. 

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Drug Products for Clinical Trials

Chapter 11:

Overseas Trials with Frank Reale and Diane Mustafa 
Addressing issues at the forefront of interest for the Clinical Trial Materials Professional (CTMP), this Second Edition highlights the most critical concepts related to the planning, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, distribution, reconciliation, and quality and regulatory control of clinical trial materials. It offers authoritative chapters by esteemed researchers and consultants in industry on the current and evolving state of clinical supplies operations. Tracking emerging trends and the development of new technologies, this Second Edition helps the CTMP operate effectively in the international sphere and reviews regulatory processes for drug approvals in the United States and Europe.

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Who We Are

Steve is a highly skilled professional with more than 25 years of drug, biotech, teamwork, leadership and training experience for U.S. and International markets.   He has a unique combination of Clinical Supply Chain...

Training and Education

Building the right culture can be just as important as solving individual problems. We have an energizing and effective approach to training that engages...


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