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Clinical Supplies “Frameworks for the Experienced Professional” Course

Clinical Supplies “Frameworks for the Experienced Professional” Course


This course is designed as a high-energy, interactive, comprehensive and practical Clinical Supplies training program for professionals working in the industry. Our goal is to provide up to the minute knowledge, practical experiences and exercises that cover end-to-end clinical supply chain challenges and burning platforms. Application of the course concepts will be achieved through presentations, case studies, life experiences and lively interaction between the instructors and participants.


Course Topics Include:

  1. CTM Project Management and Risk Assessment

  2. Adapting to and overcoming Global Cultural Differences

  3. Navigating International Studies Module 1 (Brexit Impact, the Clinical     Trial Regulation, QPs and their new responsibilities)

  4. Navigating International Studies Module 2 (Distribution strategies,   valuation, IOR, Hazardous Goods requirements & VAT)

  5. Controlled Temperature Distribution from “-180°C” to “CRT” (Masters Level)

  6. Agile Clinical Supply Chain Solutions (Push vs. Pull, JIT/On-Demand, Direct-to-Patient)

  7. Comparators, auxiliary products and ancillary supplies

  8. IRT implementation and integration in the 21stcentury

  9. Clinical Supplies Outsourcing, contract management and effective Quality/Technical Agreements - building high-performance relationships between sponsor & vendor companies


Who Should Attend this Course:


Both seasoned and newly experienced professionals who work in Clinical Supplies and want to learn better ways to work within the clinical Supply Chain

Event Information

Registration is Not Yet Open for This

Course Dates:  September 14 & 15, 2020


Registration Cost:  Early Bird $1699. After February 1, 2018 cost is $1799



Doubletree, Brisbane

5000 Sierra Point Parkway

Brisbane, CA 94005

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